Who We Are

As the 151st U.S. Initiative, Transition Lopez Island is committed to enlivening a vision of a resilient, sustainable community for our island.


In uncSONY DSCertain times, resilience is the capacity to bounce back and thrive. Our group is finding ways to harness our island-grown community activism and collective wisdom to create a new paradigm around issues of local economy, labor share, energy use, movement of goods and people, and food and water security that sustains life for us all.


As part of a worldwide movement of community-scale initiatives, Transition Lopez Island also partners locally with like-minded groups, including the Lopez Community Land Trust, Islands Energy, Lopez Locavores, Lopez Community Trails Network, Friends of the San Juans, and Islands Climate Resilience.

SONY DSCWe are currently organized into seven working groups or guilds:

We invite you to join us in creating a bold future for our island that promotes health, creativity, and equality for everyone, in balance with nature.




  1. Blessings from Richard inLocal 2020 in Port Townsend, Transition Town # 111. I would like to chat with someone about your transportation guild, The San Juan Island energy Plan, SCALLOPS, etc. (dandrpt@gmail.com)

  2. Felicity green

    2042 (25 yrs hence)

    What is my hope for Lopez in 25 yrs.
    It is that in 25 years we have become totally free of fossil fuel energy.With technology we have learnt to use Natures resources ,the sun,the wind, the water, to produce our energy.
    We have continued to be a community but have become much more inclusive of anyone who wishes to live a gentler, quieter life. We still attract wonderful people and take care of all.
    There are no longer homeless people, zoning has been changed so that all inhabitable places are used. Everybody over 16 earns 15 dollars an hour or whatever the minimum wage is now.
    We still grow most of or own produce and food. We have official water catchment so that there is no water problem.
    We take care of our elderly and have palliative care and a nursing home on the island. We take care that people with mental problems are also cared for humanely.
    We now have two village areas, one in the South Island ,and there are our wonderful events and celebrations held at each with a lot of the islanders participating . We have retuturned to a culture which remembers how to celebrated joyously without having to spend money.We have retained our mainly agricultural and creative culture .

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