Resource Links


Relevant Articles and Websites

  • Shareable – an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation with the stated mission, “To empower everyone to share for a more joyous, resilient, and equitable world.”
  • Regeneration International: Cool the Planet, Feed the World – an amazing website for all things Climate Change!
  • Salmon Nation – a website celebrating the bioregion encompassing wherever the Pacific salmon have run to inspire and engage the citizens of the region to tangibly change the way we think about and act on our connections to place and community.
  • Nathan Hodges:  “Lands Unknown” – Is climate change already impacting Lopez landscapes? What can we expect in the coming decades as the changing global climate comes to our shores, forests and gardens?  What can we do to create a landscape on Lopez that can not only adapt but also buffer our uncertain climate? Through the lens of our local environment, Nathan Hodges leads us on an exploration of shifting trends and possible adaptations. 
  • Prepared Neighborhoods: Pamphlet on neighbors taking care of neighbors, building resilience one street at a time.




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