Minutes – October 6, 2015


October 6th 2015 – LIBRARY MEETING ROOM 5:00 – 6:30

Attending: Scott Finley, Ande Finley, Kay Keeler, George Keeler, Ron Metcalf, Jack Pedigo, Beverly Zapalac, Liz Lafferty, Margo Janeway, and Kim Foley


  • Bounty Food Experiment Debriefing will be the subject of our next potluck in early November. Beverly is looking into Grace Church as a possible venue.  Ande will send out publicity as soon as the date and location is determined.


  • Scott gave a general overview of the new website and responded to questions. The group was encouraged to add comments to the site and/or write articles for new posts.
  • The newer members requested a brief description of Transition and our mission statement was read. We also reviewed the purpose of the steering committee and the function of the individual guilds.


  • Barnraising Guild:
  • Beverly is scheduled for the next event on October 31st.  Scott will visit her property ahead of time to assess equipment and supplies that may be needed.
  • Education Guild:
  • Ande & Scott attended the Islands Climate Resilience program on San Juan Island last summer. The ICR is offering to facilitate a similar program on Lopez. Different ideas were discussed. Can such a program address specific group or individual actions? What are the elements that make a community resilient?
    • A new movement in Seattle is called the Meaningful Movies Project. This may be something that Transition Lopez wants to adapt for a monthly film series this winter. Kay (who also volunteered Felicity) will be looking into this further.  The group agreed that this should be a springboard for action rather merely entertainment or education.
    • Liz discussed the value of a visual to show people the measurable impact of the group’s actions. She and Ande will develop something to post on the website.
    • The group agreed that emergency preparedness is an important subject to incorporate into future educational events.
  • Energy & Climate Change Guild
  • Developing an easy way for individuals to assess their carbon footprint was discussed. Chom may already have something in the works.  Liz may be able to procure an “Energy Report Card” that she saw used elsewhere.
  • Carbon WA update – We have collected over 4,400 signatures for this initiative to date. We have a goal of 250 signatures for each of October and November before the campaign ends.

Next Steering Committee Meeting in early November TBA

Meeting Adjourned 6:30

Jack Pedigo