Minutes – October 26, 2016


Wednesday, October 26, 2016; Fish Bay Building Meeting Room; 4:00-6:00 p.m.

In attendance:

Liz Lafferty, Ron Metcalf, Scott Finley, Bob Gerfy, Beth Robson, Chom Greacen, Ande Finley, Mike Moore, Henning Sehmsdorf, Marisa James.



  • Uniting Pen with Prayer has already generated 14 letters.  The campaign will go through the next  5 weeks on Wednesdays 4:30-9:00 p.m. at the library (pending what happens at Standing Rock).  Liz reports that the turnout and the energy has been extraordinary!
  • I-732 Campaign: Many people have already voted, but we are continuing to work on the phones until Election Day.
  • Dime-A-Gallon Project:  Liz will bring the booklet she designed next time so we can decide whether to spend the money to print them or use the existing booklets with a sticker. For collecting money, a lockbox at Sunnyfield farm was proposed.  Bank transfer seems too complex, but is potentially an option. Potential for project the money will go towards: Random Acts of Climate Kindness (RACK – lol). Would need to be combined with other money, donations.  Once we decide on a recipient, Ande will work on an article for the Islands Weekly to get the word out.
  • Climate Action Workgroup: Mission statement?  Bob would like to work on promoting the concept of Indigenous Stewardship.



  • Work that Reconnects Workshop: 50 people have registered with 3 on the wait list. Ron needs volunteers to put together coffee/tea.
  • Potlucks with a Purpose: potluck topics suggested include movies like Before the Flood; Indigenous environmental network with slideshow about Standing Rock; Land stewardship and community responsibility.
  • Workshops: Henning has been running other workshops with the Conservation District that have strong connection to Transitions. The next one (this Friday) will be focusing on biochar. Henning has delayed the EMF workshop.



  • Mike reported that the County has been responsive to their recent survey results and is making trails a high priority.  $100,000 has been allocated for a trail from Odlin South to Lopez Hill and a new trail from Chadwick to Watmough Road.
  • Island Shuttle – No news on school buses. The Lopez 2005 report has a section on school buses that Chom and Henning will follow up on.



  • There was interest in a potluck on divestment from fossil fuels
  • Program with LION from Pt. Townsend may also be a possibility.



  • Finleys would like a Barnraising at their house to help them harvest firewood and Gerfys have projects too. Can we combine these programs  with education?



  • Marisa suggests a mission, vision, and plan for each guild.   She will start developing an education and outreach plan.
  • Inner Transition, a new guild, is working on a mission statement and plan.
  • Space: Liz and Beth will look at potential for a grant to rent/purchase a location for a community resilience center, such as the old gas station and make a list of the kinds of things we could use the space for as a starting point for discussion.
  • Election night party at the Community Center starting at 4:30 on November 8th.
  • Waldron is getting an OPALCO solar array, which will connect into the grid.
  • Themes we all like: Self reliance, community responsibility.