Minutes – March 9, 2016


Wednesday, March 9, 2016; Fish Bay Conference Room; 4:00pm-6:00pm

In Attendance:

Kim Foley, Liz Lafferty, Ande Finley, Scott Finley, Bob Gerfy, Felicity Green, Mike Moore, Ron Metcalf, Beth Robson, Erin Bernardi, Erika Davis, Henning Sehmsdorf, Margot Janeway, Rich Youde, Tom Ruggles, Nathan Hodges, Sage Dilts, and Andre Entermann  (it was standing room only!)



  • Barn Owl Bakery presentation:  Sage and Nathan made a presentation, reporting that the vision of their business is in line with Transition’s values.  They are growing steadily and are trying to meet the demands of this growth.  They need to either scale back or grow.  Grow:  as a catalyst for positive social change/positive impact.  They are letting their values lead the way.  Discussed:  Goals, Values, Employees, Delivery, Storage and the establishment of the Lopez Island Grain Project, a collaboration between Horse Drawn Farm, Grist (Steve Lillestol’s mill), and Barn Owl.  Start to finish, the process uses almost no fossil fuels.  We all agreed that we would like to hear more about their business plan and have them present at a “Potluck with a Purpose” and/or LEG UP event.  More to come.


  • LEG UP leadership:  Ande explained how LEG UP works (invite friends, social evening, presentation from a business with no mention of money, individuals can meet to discuss financials with the presenters at a later date if interested in investing/supporting, paying attention to the rules to avoid any missteps).  Rich Youde (mentoring and working with local business’) and Tom Ruggles (considerable experience in financial services) were present for the Barn Owl piece, but both had to leave before LEG UP was discussed.  Transition would like to support more local businesses (e.g. Isabels, Taproot etc.) to see the local economy grow.  Ron stated that he would be the point person for this group until someone else steps up to the leadership.


  • Sustainable Tourism:  On April 9th, Transition will be one of the co-sponsors of the next Community Conversation, organized by Rhea Miller and led by Marcia DeChadenedes, manager of the San Juan Islands National Monument.



  • Great Islands Cleanup (sponsored by lopezsolidwaste.org):  Ande and Nikyta updated the group.  Islands-wide event (San Juan, Orcas, & Lopez) is on April 23rd from 10-12pm, with yoga and snacks to be provided at LCCA at 9am.  Each island has numerous teams (each with a leader and at least 2 volunteers).  Nikyta explained about a process known as “Merfing” in which material is pulled from the trash that can be recycled.  Volunteers needed for Merfing at sites on Sunday, 4/24 from 9-12.  See details on Lopez Rocks.  Kim and Liz volunteered to be in charge of the Transition Group.  It was noted that the clean-up is also scheduled on the same day as Tour De Lopez and the Procession of the Species.


  • Partnering with LSWDD:  Nikyta Palmisani discussed recycling/creativity:  Fun>>> “Reuse” is the focus (do this first).  Involving the middle and high school girls>>>>Jewelry making from reused items (Orphan Earrings).  Trashion Fashion Classes:  Up cycling adds value to what you have.  Fix it Cafe:  Kind of like the tool lending library.  Mentioned piggybacking onto the Library’s system.  “Lending everything”, baby stuff, sporting equipment etc…-Transition to look into sponsoring this.  Kim asked where the land would be for this type of venture and Nikyta mentioned Janet from the Community Center.   Textile Education: facts about consumerism and what goes into the landfill.  Zero Waste Challenge: encourage people to join and blog weekly.  The dump desperately needs volunteers!


  • Islands Energy Update:  Scott reported that Lopez is currently among the top 20 finalists for the Georgetown Competition ($5 million prize), which involves the community executing their energy plan.  He also mentioned that the name of the annual fair may be changed to “Energy & Climate Fair.


  • OPALCO Candidates Forum:  Ande is working with Sandy Bishop to schedule this event on April 7th at Grace Church.



  • Potlucks with a Purpose and Other Events:

World Water Day:  Liz gave the update on this upcoming event (March 22nd from 5:45-8:00pm).  There will be a Powerpoint presentation giving local/national/global perspectives, local speakers discussing Lopez water issues/rain catchment-drip irrigation systems (Nathan Hodges/Huck Phillips/Sam Bernardi), and an opportunity for Q and A at the end.  Liz & Kim will announce our Potluck at the “Siren and Scribe” event on March 18th at the Joinery.


  • S & S Homestead:  Henning spoke of an exciting new initiative spearheaded by the Land Trust in conjunction with the LIFRC (participating through S & S’s CSA) and the School, entitled the Lopez Island Farm Institute which will include the use of his farm for educational purposes once he and his wife retire and two other Lopez farms (to be identified soon).  He read the text of a document establishing this initiative which laid out the vision for the project.


  • Sightline Institute:  Bob Gerfy has contacted the Sightline Institute to arrange for Eric DePlace to give a talk onImpacts on Fossil Fuel Transport in the San

Juans,” but has not heard back yet.


  • Nathan Donnelly:  All agreed that a permaculture class would be a good Potluck Presentation in the future, date & time to be determined.


  • Michael Moore Movie:  The idea of screening “Where to Invade Next?” was brought up by Ande, after she had received good feedback from an e-mail that had been circulated.  There would be a $510.00 dollar cost to gain screening rights, but it could be shared with the other islands.  Felicity has seen the film and recommends it.  One suggestion was to charge $8.00 to view it, but the group prefers by unspecified donation. No specific date was discussed yet.  Ande is waiting to hear back from potential organizers on San Juan and Orcas before she proceeds further.



  • LIFT Rideshare Update:  Mike Moore stated that the County has only one remaining Rideshare sign per Shannon Wilbur of the Public Works Dept. and he does not think it is worth pursuing this means of alternative transportation, as it would be too much work to designate rideshare sites, install gravel etc.  He stated that it is no longer an effective program on the other islands.  Group discussed changing the culture of hitchhiking with a possible catchy slogan and/or event that might kickstart the idea, like a Hitchhiking Weekend.


  • Island Shuttle:  Henning spoke with the Lopez school superintendent about converting school buses to electric to use as community shuttles as well.  Since the buses are state-owned, this might be difficult, but the Conservation District board (of which he is a member) thought this idea had potential as a pilot project.  There will be a meeting in April about this.  Stay tuned.


  • Other Events:  Mike Moore encouraged members to participate in two other events.  On March 12th at 11:30am, there will be a beach trash pickup walk starting at Odlin Park.  On March 29th, the County Parks will be holding a community meeting at Woodmen Hall, 4:00-6:00pm, to discuss priorities for the upcoming year.



  • Climate Action Workgroup:  Bob reported that those that have decided on projects related to climate change are in full swing working on them.  No specifics.  He mentioned the 350.org BreakFree actions coming up in May in Anacortes which will include protests and actions against Shell & Tesoro.  The suggestion was made to look into partnering with the Transition groups in Anacortes & Bellingham.  Liz mentioned Civil Disobedience training by 350.org on March 19th & 20th in Seattle.  The PSSA Petition being managed by the Friends of the San Juans was briefly discussed.


  • I-732 Update:  Ron stated that the initiative will be on the ballot in November.  There is a revised version “B” that the Republicans are looking at and taking seriously. Kyle Murphy will be discussing future actions on a call, Monday the 14th at 5:20pm.  Contact Ande if you would like to join the call.


  • Dime a Gallon Program:  Ron presented information on this Quaker program that has been in existence for the past 7 yrs.  They have raised $12,000 dollars.  It works by taxing yourself for the gas that you consume.  More information needed, but sounds like a great program that would help raise money for environmental causes.



  • Swallows Reach:  Liz and Kim updated the group on details of the upcoming event on Friday, March 11th.  Primary focus on expanding the garden area by building a more substantial fence and clean up of the pond/flower beds etc.


  • Tool Lending Library:  An expanded lending library could be run by the Lopez Library.  Jennifer Ratza has interest in collaborating on a tool library and Janet Baltzer may have space at the Community Center.


Meeting Adjourned!