Minutes – March 23, 2017


Thursday, March 23, 2017; Sunnyfield Farm, 3:00-4:45 p.m.

In attendance:

Liz Lafferty, Ron Metcalf, Scott Finley, Bob Gerfy, Chom Greacen, Ande Finley, Beth Robson, Marisa James, Felicity Green, and Kai Sanburn.

Ande shared exerpts from Wendell Berry’s “Sabbath Poem 2007 VI.



  • SLopez Compassionate Travel:  Beth shared that this is a project of Leadership San Juan Islands.  Its aim is to encourage people to travel by low-carbon means during Earth Day and the week of Compassion Lopez.   There will be a challenge for people to bring trash and recycling to the Dump on April 22nd from 11-12pm with prizes given to winners of different categories.  Then at the Procession of Species, there will be a map and a board of appreciation.  The group hopes to collaborate with Transition Lopez to help promote the event along with the Dime-a-Gallon Fund.   Chom and/or Beth will send Ande info on the project and a graphic to post under “Upcoming Events” on the website.The group is looking for sponsorships if anyone is so inspired. Liz offered to call RAD for some sponsorships/prizes.
  • Great Islands Cleanup:

Transition will have a team (or teams?) in the Great Islands Cleanup and Ande will send an invitation out to the general list.  Chom will be attending the planning meetings representing both Leadership San Juans and Transition.

  • Dime-A-Gallon Project:

Ron, Marisa, Scott, & Liz have been meeting to hammer out the logistics of the Lopez project which is moving right along.  Cash boxes will be purchased to receive donations at LVM, Library, South End Deli, and Blossom.

Decision: Transition Steering Committee will be responsible for tracking the contributions and administering the fund. Paypal account will be set up using the Transition email address. Beth will create a form on the website of Transition Lopez. All attending were in favor of the decision.

  • Energy Roundtable Report:

Scott attended the March meeting and reported that OPALCO, led by SJI Conservation District, will be installing a large system of PVs on Decatur, paving the way to community solar in 2018. Green Home tours are planned for the fall. OPALCO will continue to offer rebates for EV charging stations, heat pumps, and fuel switching and will be renewing efforts for retrofits.  Training for builders was discussed along with descriptions of tidal energy and wave energy – not commercial yet but worth exploring. Executive Director Linda Lyshall is talking about bringing in speakers.  SJC is not likely to get the Georgetown University Prize, but is in the pool of 50 finalists along with Bellingham and Anacortes, who are runners-up.

OPALCO is holding a candidate forum on March 28 at 5pm Woodmen Hall. It would be a good place to ask questions and to nudge OPALCO to be supportive of more installation of solar and other renewable energy.

  • Climate Action Workgroup:
    •  Bob reported that Friends of the San Juans will be organizing another Salish Sea Stands demonstration on April 29 in Friday Harbor to support the “March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice” in Washington D.C.   To avoid redundancy, CAW’s efforts will be combined temporarily with CAT (Climate Action Team) under Huddle Lopez Island.  Rick Larson will be holding a Town Hall in Friday Harbor on Sunday, March 26th and Transition members are encouraged to attend with signs.  Now that the Whatcom County Council voted to extend the moratorium on Cherry Point expansion, Kai urged members to encourage the Council to make it permanent.
    • Ande reiterated that the April 1st program by David Foutch of Citizens Climate Lobby will be co-sponsored by the Library, the Chamber and Transition.  David will be speaking on “The Climate is Changing Now!” with a focus on the nationwide carbon tax that is being promoted by CCL.
    • Chom has not been able to join the weekly call for ACT Now.  Bob disagreed with efforts being put toward passage of a carbon tax.  Scott reported that I-732 helped raise the profile of carbon taxes and climate change in the State legislature.  However, prospects are not looking good for the three bills currently being considered.  April 20th will be carbon tax lobby day.   Scott will share info with Bob / Huddle/ Transition to spread the word to get people to help with the lobby.  Statement from ACT Now in support of carbon tax will be circulated among Steering Committee members to see if Transition would like to sign on.

The group briefly discussed why Huddle should be kept separate from Transition. Huddle was formed to resist the draconian policies of the Trump administration. Transition should be focusing on non-partisan issues of sustainability and resilience so that we continue to build while others are resisting to preserve institutions, freedoms, and protections.  The group agreed that it is important to be inclusive and not alienate people.


  • Tool Lending Library:  The group is looking into application for non-profit status and a Thrift Store grant.  Possible location being considered is rental of one of the spaces in the Homestead Building for $300/month.   Advertising on Lopezrocks has not garnered any response yet.


  • Potlucks with a Purpose: nothing new to report.  In May, programs or possibly a movie will be considered.
  • Inner Transition:  group has continued to meet, but nothing new to report.
  • Medical Clinic Levy:  Liz encourages everyone to encourage their friends and neighbors to vote yes in April.  The number of people voting is crucial to the success of this levy.
  • Climate change/energy education:  Chom will be developing a presentation for Lopez school supported by SJICD.


  • Island Shuttle:  Henning was absent, so our update was postponed.

LOCAL FINANCE:  Ryan was absent as well.

Next meeting will be Thursday, May 11th, 3:00 p.m. at Sunnyfield Farm.

CONCLUDED 4:45 p.m.