Minutes – February 7, 2017


Tuesday, February 7, 2017; Fish Bay Building Meeting Room; 4:30-6:30 p.m.

In attendance:

Liz Lafferty, Kim Foley, Ron Metcalf, Scott Finley, Bob Gerfy, Chom Greacen, Ande Finley, Henning Sehmsdorf, Marisa James, and Ryan.

To welcome Ryan, everyone introduced themselves by sharing what drew them to Transition.


How do we define what’s included in Transition’s mission?  This question led to more questions about the mission statement and another request to have a retreat organized to discuss the group’s priorities.  Ande will send out a Doodle Poll.




  • Dime-A-Gallon Project:  Ron reported on the Quaker meeting down in Berkeley which started this program in 2004.  In 2016, they raised $1,800 which they dispersed via grants submitted by local groups.   Ron, Marisa, Scott, & Liz volunteered to form a workgroup to hammer out the logistics of the Lopez project.
  • Climate Action Workgroup:
    • Bob reminded everyone about the February 9th workshop at Grace Church to prep for the Salish Sea Stands Day to lobby for the Oil Transportation Bill in Olympia on February 13th.
    • Ande reported on the April 1st program by David Foutch of Citizens Climate Lobby which will be co-sponsored by the Library and Transition.  David will be speaking on “The Climate is Changing Now!” with a focus on the nationwide carbon tax that is being promoted by CCL.
    • Chom explained the three carbon tax bills that are currently before the State legislature:
      • SR 5385 – a flat $15/ton with no escalation; will not meet the target of 40% reduction by 2050.
      • HB 1555/SB 5127 – proposed by Gov. Inslee to raise funds for state education; allows exemption for the TransAlta Coal Plant; will reach the state reduction goals.
      • HB 1646/SB 5509 – proposed by the Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy to focus on social & environmental justice; very complex; funds to be invested in clean energy projects/research.



  • Ande & Scott are hosting the first Women’s March Huddle on February 11th.  The group consensus was that the political action orientation was outside of the stated mission of Transition.
  • Potlucks with a Purpose: nothing new to report.
  • Inner Transition:  group has continued to meet, but nothing new to report.



  • Island Shuttle:  Henning reported that the obstacles appear to be technical and political rather than economic, e.g. safety of the schoolchildren, union issues.  To change the status quo requires a strong political will.  To strengthen the arguments in favor of a local shuttle, Ryan mentioned providing another alternative to driving drunk as well as a significant draw for tourists who would not have to bring their cars.



  • LEG UP Leadership:  Ryan has offered to take on the leadership for Local Finance, specifically the LEG UP program.  He is excited to look into community lending options.  Liz recommended the “Prosper” platform.



  • Tool Lending Library:  After a hiatus, Scott & Liz have revived this project with Jen Ratza and Lou Pray.  The library will start with simple tools, either donated or purchased with grant funds and then branch out into a community hub, including classes, party items, and a repair cafe.


CONCLUDED 6:30 p.m.