World Water Day potluck looks at Lopez resources

Over fifty Lopezians gathered at the Community Center on Tuesday, March 22nd to observe U.N. World Water Day, focusing briefly on global water issues with an informative slideshow and The Story of Stuff‘s “The Story of Bottled Water” before bringing the perspective back to local concerns with speakers Nathan Hodges and Huck Phillips.

According to the World Bank and World Health Organization, 2 billion people lack access to clean water and 1 billion people do not have enough to meet even their daily needs.  Living on an island we know how precious and limited our reserves are.

Potluckers chose a seat which came along with a glass with different contents – clear water, muddy water, water with moss floating, sand, and one empty – along with a single plastic bottle of water and later, a representative from each table was asked to carry a heavy bucket from the kitchen to provide potable water for their table to expose participants to the various sad realities of life on our planet.

With a background in urban hydrology and ecology, rainwater harvesting and green design, Nathan asked Lopezians to consider some water characteristics and challenges that are unique to our island.  What do these challenges suggest on a County level?  What are some actions individual land stewards might want to consider?

Huck Phillips, a designer and installer of drip irrigation and water catchment systems, addressed questions about harvesting water and discussed key things to bear in mind before setting up a drip irrigation system or investing in catchment.  Sam Bernardi provided a case study as a resident who designed his own catchment system and survived the trials and tribulations of the County permit process for a residential water supply.

Transition’s Potluck with a Purpose has gotten a facelift thanks to the creative efforts of committee members Liz Lafferty, Kim Foley, Erin Bernardi, and Marisa James.  Look for future events that will be as entertaining as they will be educational.


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