Sunnyfield Farm Little Winter Market is back…and bigger than ever!


The long-awaited Little Winter Market at Sunnyfield Farm is back, with a plan to operate every other week.  Along with Andre & Elizabeth’s goat products (chevre, feta, cajeta, and soap) are the vendors from last year – Julie & Blake of Helen’s Farm with their beautiful produce, pork and fresh-grilled sausage, and Sage & Nathan’s Barn Owl Bakery wood-fired, wild-leavened delectables.  But some new faces have added an interesting variety:

  • Flowering Earth Apothecary- Apothecary standards & fresh brewed herbal chai.
  • Kraut Pleasers- Raw, probiotic, cabbage based ferments – Cortido, Lemon Dill, Ruby. Plus ceramic fermentation gear and recipes for the DIY folks.
  • Lopez Island Coffee Roasters- Freshly roasted organic, shade grown, fairly traded coffee from around the world by the cup or pound.
  • S&S Homestead Farm- Raw aged cheddar; seasonal greens, beef, pork and lamb as available, and staples (root crops, dry beans, squashes, peppers).
  • Woodland Keep Pies- Whole pies and pie by the slice – freshly baked using local and organic ingredients. Flavors like cajeta apple and a rose hip custard.


During the dark, rainy winter months, this gathering of home-grown vendors attracts people from all over the island who love supporting local.  On the misty, drippy Saturday of October 24th, there was a constant stream of customers from opening at 10:00 a.m. to the winding down at 2:00 p.m.  DSCN0534 - Copy

Friends gathered around the fire, sipping their hot beverage with fresh pastry or eating their grilled lunch, and listened to the live music from the hayloft or watched the goats frolicking in the fields nearby.  Kudos to Andre for identifying this much-appreciated need here on Lopez and keeping it going into its second year!


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