Have You Signed the Climate Change Petition Yet?


If you are at the Farmers Market or other public place this summer, don’t be surprised if you are approached by someone bearing a petition and pen. Several TLI members have chosen to address climate change by gathering signatures to get I-732, the Carbon Washington initiative, on the 2016 ballot.

Initiative 732 is designed to move the state toward two important goals — fairer taxes and cleaner energy. If enacted, the law would reduce the state’s part of the sales tax by 1%,  boost the state match for the Working Families Tax Rebate to 25%, and effectively eliminate the B&O tax on manufacturing.

I-732 would pay for these tax cuts by charging a $25-per-ton tax on fossil fuels that add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The carbon tax will give both companies and consumers an incentive to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels. It is based on a program started in British Columbia 2008, which has resulted in carbon dioxide emissions falling by 16 percent.

To find out more about I-732, check out the CarbonWA web site at http://carbonwa.org/ . To locate and sign the nearest petition, contact Ande Finley at andefinley@gmail.com .


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